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How come some things like Chicken Feed or Pig Food won't sort properly? Why do some items like Trowels sort properly?
Last Updated 3 years ago

These items will sort in one of three crates.

  1. 100-use food will go into a crate marked for 100-use items.
  2. 300-use items will go into a crate marked for 300-use items.
  3. The third crate is for food that is not identified as 100 or 300. Due to a small glitch from Ice at DFS, if you rez a 100-use or 300-use pig or chicken food out, it loses the “100” or “300” designation and you can only tell what it is by looking at the hover text. If you then pick it up and put it in the sorter, it will go into the crate not designated as 100 or 300.

Also due to name changes on others things such as trowels to garden tools to claws, you might have problems with sorting.  Update to the latest version of the Sorter (and Drop 'N Go if you use it) and your problem should be fixed.

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