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Why is my Sorter all black (or some other solid color)? Why are my crates all in a line?
Last Updated 2 years ago

We can't tell you why it happened (but we have a good guess....) but we can tell you how to fix it.

Bring up the menu on your Sorter and go to Admin > Default. After clicking the Default button the Sorter will put instructions in local chat for you to follow to get the proper colors back.  BE SURE to follow ALL of the instructions listed in local chat.

NOTE: Using the Default button resets your sorter so you may need to turn on access to your Drop ‘N Go, if you use the DNG, Breakout goes back to "off", etc.  Because Admins can't access the Access menu to turn on Drop 'N Go, we recommend ONLY the owner use the default button.  Also you’ll need to readjust the size and column count of your Sorter if desired.

After doing the Default from above, if you end up with everything looking ok except one or two prims are still black, edit the Sorter and go to the Texture tab and set the color to white and then go to the Sorter menu and do a Recount.

An alternative answer is to use these color codes for the Sorter:

F Color : (white) E Color : (grey) T Color : (yellow)

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