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How come my Recipe HUB says I have enough items and it rezes everything but one or two items?
Last Updated 2 years ago

If your Recipe HUB found everything and loaded all the items (you can tell if items are loaded into a slot by looking at the small hover text number above that slot) then it normally means the Recipe HUB sees something on the sim already rezed from that slot and still out in world.

For example, you use the hub to make butter and stop part way through and drag an unused milk crate off to the side. Then you decide to make cream. The hub won’t rez a new milk crate because it sees the crate you moved when making butter as still rezzed. Simply pick up the unused crate and toggle the rez on the Hub. If you can’t find the item that is already rezed then click directly on the number on the HUB that’s not rezzing and select Rez Clear and then toggle the Rez Toggle button a few times.

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