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How do I get additional crates (textures)?
Last Updated 7 months ago

VMD Textures (Crates) are bought using store credit and everyone starts off with a free 100 Lindens of store credit.  You can add to balance using the terminals at the main store.

3rd Party Textures are obtained from various vendors in SL because you are buying them directly from the maker.

NOTE:  If you are looking for a VMD texture the below applies.  If you are looking for a 3rd Party Texture, contact the maker of that texture.

If you have a blank crate in your Sorter and your Sorter is v17 or above, click on that blank crate and select Get Crate for a VMD Texture.  If your Sorter is older, click on the crate and make a note of the exact name from the crate's popup menu.  There are many textures where the name is almost the same as another texture.  Be sure you're buying the right one by getting the name right off the crate in your Sorter.

Here's how to buy additional DFS crates (textures) (For other systems, buy them directly from the sorter!):

  1. Go to the VMD website (VM Designs ( and login to the Member’s Area.
  2. Under the menu item called “DFS Stuff” click on Crate Purchasing.
  3. In the small selection window at the top of the screen select which texture. The choices are VMD and VMD_PIC.
  4. Once you’ve made the selection from Step 3 above, click the Select Theme button.
  5. From here, you can select “Bundles” or scroll down just a bit more under the sample crate picture and enter a name of the texture you’re looking for and the list will filter.  Textures you already own will NOT show to prevent you from buying doubles.
  6. Click the small checkbox to the right of all the single crates you wish to buy and then click the Purchase Crates button.

NOTE:  You do not receive a physical item in Second Life.  When you buy them, the server is updated giving you access to that texture.

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