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The Recipe HUB says I don't have enough of something but I have plenty in my Sorter! How can I fix this problem? How come my Recipe HUB can't find any items?
Last Updated 5 months ago

Several things to check:

  • DFS has changed the name of some items which affect the way the Recipe HUB will find them in your Sorter. Be sure to select the “Old” or the “New” recipe depending on which item you have in your Sorter.
  • Ensure you're using the latest version of the Recipe HUB by going to the VMD website ( and checking the version number.
  • Make sure the sorter you’re looking at that has the items has the Recipe HUB chat relay script in it and that the script is the latest version.  THIS IS IMPORTANT... many times people update their HUBs but forget to load the crystal into the Sorters.
  • If you are an Admin using your own HUB on someone else’s Sorter be sure to go to the HUB’s menu under Admin and Pick Owner first so the HUB knows which Sorter to look in.
  • Left click the crate on the sorter and select “Recount” and see if that fixes the problem.
  • Be sure you have no duplicates of the crate (same item in two different sorters, etc.) Best way to check is to use Search on your Drop 'N Go and look for how many trails point to you.
  • Ensure your RU Sorter (if used) is properly setup as an RU Sorter (top center prim is yellow).
  • Go to your Sorter menu and click Build > Arrange.

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