Frequently Asked Question

Why did my Auto Rezer stop working? Why is the Auto Rezer Pallet not rezzing anything?
Last Updated 2 years ago

  • AutoRez script not in the Sorter (edit your Sorter, go to contents and ensure you have the latest DFS AutoRez script in the Sorter)

  • AutoRez is outdated (check the most current version from the manual or the VMD website and update both the pallet AND the AutoRez script in the Sorter)

  • AutoRez pallet does not have permission to rez (normally the pallet has to be in the same group as the land in order for it to consistently rez items, so check the group and fix if necessary)

  • SL can cause problems with the auto rezers when you have more than around 1000 items in a crate. We recommend boxing up extras in bundles of 50 or 100 and storing those in your sorters. Then rez out one of those and send it back to your sorter when you start to get low. Some people are fine, some people aren’t so if you're crate in your Sorter has more than 1,000 items you could get an error and your rezer not work.

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