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I did a CTRL+DRAG to drop items into my (Sorter or Drop 'N Go), but they are missing. How can I find them? Why is my Sorter missing items?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Before relogging or doing anything else, copy any local chat from the Sorter, Drop 'N Go, and other crates you unpacked that are related to the issue and paste it into a notecard.  This information may be helpful later if you need to contact us.  

After that, try some of these solutions:

  • If you use the Drop ‘N Go, click it to Sort and also go to Manual > Manual Sort to clear any items from it.

  • On the Sorter, click the “Click to Sort” prim in case the items still need to be sorted.

  • Use the Search function (main sorter menu) to see if it finds the item.

  • Dragging too many items. SL has a problem if you try to drag and drop too many items at once. If this is the case, the items just vanish and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. We highly recommend you do not drag and drop more than 15 to 20 items at a time.

  • Remember the SL text glitch. You can have 10 water buckets, sort 10 more for 20 total, look away from the sorter and then look back and see you only have 10!! This is a long-standing SL glitch for hover text and other text. Normally you can TP away from the sim and then come back and it will show 20.

  • There’s a problem that pops up in SL now and then where the object’s inventory fails. Many times you’ll see a message in open chat saying something about, “... failed to create object inventory…” If this happens, capture any local chat as well as the date and time and what items were lost in a notecard and then relog. Normally relogging will cause the missing items to show up back in your inventory. If they don’t show up in your inventory you’ll have to submit a ticket with Linden Labs and may need the information you copied to the notecard. This is not a VMD issue and we can’t help you recover your items.

  • Another common cause is a missed target. You do your CTRL+DRAG but the items actually go into a nearby prim. We’ve found DFS items in floors, walls, furniture, nearby plants, all kinds of things. Be sure to look in the contents of other things around your Sorter in case your objects are in them. We recommend using the “lock” in the edit window for items near your sorter to reduce the chances of this happening (but DO NOT use lock on your Sorter).

  • Related to the missed target is the missed prim on Sorter. If you CTRL+DRAG to your Sorter be sure you hit the top left prim that has the words [DROP HERE] on it. We see a lot of stuff that gets dropped in the Click to Sort prim and the Box Up Unsorted prim and we even find things in the wrong crates because items were dropped directly onto a crate instead of the top left prim. If you’re missing items dropped onto a Sorter please edit the Sorter, click the Edit Linked checkbox and then look in the contents of the individual prims of the Sorter.

  • Go to Admin > Clean Up to fix things in case they went into the wrong crate.

  • Look in prims around your Drop 'N Go or Sorter.  An accidental move when doing a CTRL+Drag can end up putting items inside any mod item.  We have found stuff in walls, plants, floors, furniture, so edit surrounding items and look in the contents.

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