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Only some of my animals and fields are showing up on the Display Board (or HUD). Why aren't they all showing?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Ensure you wait a bit. The boards / HUD do not constantly listen for status updates.

Check the range. The chat relays listen up to 100 meters. If you have fields or animals or plants beyond that distance, use additional relays or move your relay.  Also, if you have fields in range of the animal chat relay it's possible the fields will override the animals.

Most animals will only chat when in critical condition (like 20% or lower) or if something is ready to be picked up (poop, wool, baby, milk, etc.) so if these animals do not need anything they will not chat and therefore will not be picked up by the relay or displayed on a board.

The Chat Relay will only monitor up to about 250 items (250 fields for example).  If you have more than that, use additional relays (we actually recommend spacing out items of more than 125 per chat relay, see the manual for more info).

The boards will only display a limited number of items per category (ready to harvest, needs water, etc.).  For example, if you have 50 tomato fields and they are all ready to harvest, the board will only display 28 of them.  Here's a list of how many are displayed in each catagory.

  • Field server:
    • Paused 28

    • Harvest 28

    • Emergency 56

    • Tending/water 56

  • Animal and Plant Server:
    • Emergency 28
    • Dead 14

    • Harvest 14

    • Paused 14

    • Pregnant 14

    • Wool 14

    • Milk 28

    • Fertilizer 28

As you harvest those the other will fill in. 

Finally, ensure the boards are not set to monitor only another person’s fields or animals or that your HUD is not set to a different owner. More information on this setting can be found in the Farm Tracker manual.

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