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Why are my annual and unique named items not using their unique Textures, for example Beer 2021, Wine 2021 are not showing?
Last Updated 3 years ago

The most common cause is you have Breakout turned Off (the default) in your Sorter.  With breakout off, your Sorter tries to put all like items (all wine years, all beer years, all trowels from different grab bags or stash boxes, etc.) in a single crate and it uses a generic texture for that crate.

If you turn Breakout On, items will be separated by the year or unique name with the appropriate texture.

Keep in mind, if Breakout is On, it's on for every uniquely named item in that Sorter (trowels from different grab bags will sort into separate crates, water barrels from different stash boxes will sorter into different crates, etc.).  If this isn't what you want, we suggest creating a separate Sorter for collectables and use it for things you want sorted out by unique name or year.

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