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Why can't my Recipe HUB find items like wine and beer that end in a year?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Normally this happens when you have Breakout turned ON in your Sorter.  This is easy to check by accessing your Sorter's menu and clicking Build.  The popup on the Build menu will show you if Breakout is ON or OFF and you can click the breakout button to toggle it.  The problem is recipes might call for "Wine" or "Beer" and the recipe doesn't specify a year (you can normally use any year item in a recipe).

If you wish to maintain certain collectables by year (Breakout ON) we recommend you setup a Collectable Sorter that does NOT have the Recipe HUB chat relay in it.  Put beers and wines you use for cooking in your normal Sorter with Breakout OFF and put those you wish to keep in your Collectables Sorter.


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