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How do I get the free Starter Crates (textures)
Last Updated 2 years ago

Go to the VMD Website (VM Designs ( and login to get to the member's area.  Once there, look under the DFS Stuff menu and select Crate Purchasing / Textures and then follow these steps:

  1. Click the small top window and select VMD
  2. Click the Select Theme button
  3. Click the Get Starter Crates button
  4. A little lower on the screen click the Purchase Crates button
  5. Wait a minute or so for the purchase to finish
  6. Back at the top of the screen click the Clear Theme button
  7. In the little top window where you selected VMD earlier, now select VMD_PIC
  8. Once VMD_PIC is showing repeat steps 2 through 5 above to get the VMD_PIC starter crates

You will NOT get a physical object, but you now own the rights to these crates.  See the Sorter manual for how to get them to show on your Sorter.

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