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  1. How come crates are not made automatically when I add stuff to my Sorter?
  2. How come I'm not able add or remove items from my (Sorter, Drop 'N Go, Display, etc.).
  3. How come my Admin can't use their own HUB to pull from my Sorter?
  4. How come my custom texture doesn't show up on my Box Up crate?
  5. How come my group members can't Box Up items?
  6. How come my Sorter is stuck "Arranging"?
  7. How come my Sorter won't make any new crates?
  8. How come some things like Chicken Feed or Pig Food won't sort properly? Why do some items like Trowels sort properly?
  9. How come the item texture doesn't appear on the Box Up crate?
  10. How come the numbers on front of my Sorter don't look right? Why do I see what looks like an 81 with the 8 slightly up?
  11. How come the numbers on the crates in my RU (Reduced Uses) Sorter don't match the quantity if items I have in that crate?
  12. How do I get a Redelivery?
  13. How do I get additional crates (textures)?
  14. How do I get more store credit to buy crates?
  15. How do I get the free Starter Crates (textures)
  16. How do I get the free Starter Crates/Textures ?
  17. How do I remove a crate that's floating alone near my Sorter?
  18. How many items can I put in a Sorter crate and how many crates can I have on a Sorter?
  19. I did a CTRL+DRAG to drop items into my (Sorter or Drop 'N Go), but they are missing. How can I find them? Why is my Sorter missing items?
  20. I just bought new textures. How do I get them on my Sorter crates?
  21. When will the new Textures be out? When will the new Recipes be loaded?
  22. Where can I find the latest version numbers?
  23. Where can I get instructional videos for VMD products?
  24. Why are my annual and unique named items not using their unique Textures, for example Beer 2021, Wine 2021 are not showing?
  25. Why can't my admin use my items or get the Admin menu on things?
  26. Why can't my Recipe HUB find items like wine and beer that end in a year?
  27. Why do some of my crates have the words "Arranging" or "Linked In" as hover text over them?
  28. Why don't all of my Sorters show on my WebView screen?
  29. Why don't I see the checkboxes to "Send" or "Box Up" items on my WebView Page?
  30. Why don't some items sort properly?
  31. Why is my Sorter all black (or some other solid color)? Why are my crates all in a line?
  32. Why is the top left prim (where I drop items) RED?
  33. Why won't some items sort correctly or require a manual sort when putting them in the Drop 'N Go?

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